Whv new zealand online dating

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Whv new zealand online dating

If you can convince INZ that your relationship is ongoing all the while she is away, then this will usefully add time.we apply for a partnership work visa under the Family Stream section.Also, what are the costs for say, a 12 month partnership visa etc?Just trying to work out what kind of funds we need. The advice you've had from Immigration NZ sounds fine.

From like now or do they carry it on after the 18th of September?As we've been living together for less than 12 months, that will only last 12 months.Then from there going for the 24 month partnership because it will be over 12 months by then, nearly 24, then from there the Residency Visa.She 100% wants to come back and continue living with me and the plan is to work in Germany for 3-4 months and get some money together (selling personal stuff as well) and then coming back before her Visa ends.Now, from my understanding and calling Immergration, "apparently" the best option for us is for her to come back say, July/August (latest) and we apply for a partnership work visa under the Family Stream section.

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3) The partner-sponsored temporary work visa is ONLY dependent upon proof of partnership (besides character and health, which are requirements for all visas).