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, Comedy Central's longest-running animated series (has been on since 1997) about a quartet of foul-mouthed, ten-year-old boys from a pissant, white-bread mountain town in Colorado called South Park. Beginning with Season 18, the show follows at least one continuous storyline throughout each season. 5-11, 1999Trey Parker (Randolph Severn Parker III) - born October 19, 1969, and grew up in Conifer, Jefferson County, CO., next to South Park County. The boy was reported missing, and once found, tried to convice the teachers he duct-taped himself to the bench. Trey's first acting experience was a sixth-grade skit called, The Dentist.In it, he shoved a drill into a friend's throat and made fake blood shoot everywhere.He won the talent show, but had to go in front of the entire school and tell everyone that the dentist is your friend.In the 9th grade, he was one of the class clowns and once dressed as Wonder Woman. High at Conifer and Evergreen High at Evergreen, both in Colorado.Parker is the youngest son of Randy, a government geologist, and Sharon, an insurance broker. Boogie has a 12 year old son (as of June 2014) named Kobe Ervin from a previous reliationship.Matt Stone (Matthew Richard Stone) - born May 26, 1971, in Houston, TX, but grew up in Littleton, CO., a Denver suburb. He graduated with degrees in film and math in 1994 from the Colorado University at Boulder.

Hankey would sing a little ditty and then kill him).

"That's OK, because we're confused, too." to the L. Times, reported on AZ Central Kids at Ozzfest 1999 There they were: little eight-year olds screaming obscenities and racial slurs just like Mommy and Daddy.

Heh, The Finger's never seen a better argument for sterilization.- The Finger, as told to Rick Barrs, New Times, Aug. In fifth grade he duct-taped a boy to a bench and left him there all day.

"Precious Moments" premieres Saturday, August 31, beginning at p.m.

on Comedy Central August 13, 1997 ...a date that will be remembered in cable television history as the day that the world was introduced to Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny.

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Among the dead students were the two boys responsible for the carnage. This is the name he used in a TV pilot called "Time Warped" ^ You can see a clip of that at the end of the unaired episode of "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe" the trailer for this short is three minutes long, and the music used in it is the same one used in one of the trailers for South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut: O Fortuna They have come out as themselves in The Book of Orgazmo (2002 DVD), Lapdance 01 (2001 DVD), Top Ten Comedy Records (2000), and It's the Monty Python Story (1999) Comedy Central: Anne Garefino, Executive Producer; Deborah Liebling, Executive Producer; Trey Parker, Executive Producer/Writer/Director; Matt Stone, Executive Producer/Writer; Pam Brady, Creative Producer; Frank Agnone II, Supervising Producer South Park Chinpoko Mon COM Comedy Central Anne Garefino, Deborah Liebling, Matt Stone, Executive Producers Trey Parker, Executive Producer/Writer/Director Frank Agnone, II, Supervising Producer Eric Stough, Animation Director Over the years, The Simpsons has turned in some spot-on spoofs of Japanese pop culture, from Mister Sparkle to Battling Seizure Robots.

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