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Dating text message rules

If you call in response to a text you can expect one of two things: either a phone call with a person who is frustrated by your lack of social skills or an ignored phone call and the awkward text conversation that will follow it. The Rule of Response: Always respond, unless you don’t want to be friends with that person anymore.Yes, we are all busy people, and I know it’s sometimes hard to respond when you know it will probably end up as a full on text conversation, but you should always respond.This sub-communicates that you do not need rapport, but you are interesting in talking to her (by the response alone). These three rules will help you improve your text game immediately when you apply them.These rules are not set in stone, and as your text game improves you will begin to know when to break them in order to create interesting conversation.

Brian lives his life by the philosophy “Act for the future, not because of the past.” He is a passionate writer, a sober socialite and aspires to be a positive influence to everyone he interacts with.

Everyone has been there; you text someone and then they immediately call you back after they get the text.

They may not know it, but your friend just broke the number one rule of text messaging.

The purpose of texting is to ensure that you are always on her radar. Texting is important because you want to be one of the men she talks to on a regular basis to ensure that you are always staying on her “radar”.

An exchange of numbers happens with your departure from each other. “Hmm, that’s weird.” A day passes and you find yourself dialing Haley’s number again on Thursday to confirm your date. This pattern continues until you give up on the possibility of meeting up with Haley.

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The goal of text game is to create interesting conversation; applying these three rules will give you the basic understanding of how to do so, on your own, over time.

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